Noble Giftbox
Noble Giftbox
Noble Giftbox

Noble Gift Box includes : 

  • 2pcs x Cufflinks pin (new)
  • 1pc x Double pin (new)
  • 1pc x Black Velvet Box Gold Lining

Variety of colour set to choose :

  • Pearl White set
  • Azurite Blue set
  • Emerald Green set.

What is Cufflinks?
It is a special pin for long sleeves both right and left wrist wearer. Can be wear for long sleeve shirt, robes or kurta.  

What is Double pin?
it is a press pin that consist two needle. More neat and durable because of the needle lock and it will not move on the fabric. Can be wear on the pocket, bag and any surface of fabric which suits the wearer. 

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